The Testosterone solution

The step by step process to increase testosterone naturally.

At one time in my life I was dissatisfied about how my mid-section looked like...

I was experiencing:

•Slow metabolism

•Longer recovery periods from

exercise such as weight lifting

•Low desire to be intimate with my partner

•Decrease in muscle mass and strength

I lacked the energy to do the things I could easily do before.

A hormonal imbalance can be a harrowing experience for men, and many suffer in silence without seeking the help that could free them from their suffering.

Having low desire for intimacy...

Is affecting not only the love life, but at the same time the self-esteem and relationships.

It is a reality in the lives of more and more men but the good news is that there are solutions for this.

Lack of knowledge

Knowledge is power and it helps people regain control in areas of their lives where they might feel like they lost control. Not finding the right information about the symptoms of low testosterone, not having access to a structured way to solve this problem is the main reason why men suffer in silence and lose time and hope in living a joyful and exciting life again.


Not knowing why the body is changing in ways you can't seem to control, creates confusion and frustration that easily can be avoided when men DISCOVER the root cause of the change. Doing nothing or just accepting that men are getting old and take it as " the new normal", can rob men from living a fulfilling life, full of energy and great love.

I used to live silently with all those symptoms, until I found the secret...

… the solution,

the result of all this pain and suffering, and now...

I am on a mission to help men live with more energy, and better love life with their partners!

My Story Starts Here...

I am Doctor Ani

After I found out that I had low testosterone, I started to do a lot of research before starting a conventional hormonal treatment. To find all the information about low testosterone was a long process, a challenging and frustrating one, because I hardly could find information I could really rely on.

I spent a lot of time reading scientific articles and medical journals. I found out the many side effects of the traditional methods available out there.

I implemented what I learned and after just a few months I repeated the blood test and was pleasantly surprised to find that my testosterone levels were up. I also noticed other changes. I knew what to do and what not to do. I felt I was helping my body and not bombarding it with unnecessary hormones.

During my research into low testosterone and its causes and treatments, I realized that there were a lot of people just like me who were experiencing the same type of problems.

But they did not have the ability to make an informed decision because they did not have all the information at hand.

healthier. stronger. More confident.

a new LIFE.

It is possible to increase testosterone Level Naturally without...

• Wasted Time....

• Wasted Money...

• Unsatisfying love life

Once THE testosterone level IS BALANCED...

Men might feel like a new person, with new energy, living a new life.

More energy

Having more energy is the key to a more fulfilling life, a life in which men feel like they can focus, execute and achieve much more then before because now they have the energy to do it.

higher self-esteem

A higher self-esteem is a natural side effect of leveling up the testosterone level. The mood and how men see themselves is directly influenced by the hormones and a person's emotional state..

a great love life

A great love life is one of the main ingredient of a successful relationship, and balancing the testosterone level will have a huge, positive impact on the way men interact with the those playful moments.

muscle strength

With regaining the muscles strength, the overall health will improve and in fact it is is proven that it also influences longevity.

A mid-section men can become proud of

The testosterone level influences in a huge way how men's mid-section looks like.

The mid-section turns back to normal, when the testosterone level is balanced.


amazing opportunities

Once the testosterone is balanced again, men could feel like being a different person with a new energy. And that new energy will attract new opportunities that will make life fulfilling again.

The TESTOSTERONE SOLUTION is a " GO TO" guide, a method men will be able to apply any time the testosterone levels might go down again while aging.


What men need to know about low-testosterone that includes :

The Testosterone Report,

The 5-Step Video to balance testosterone naturally

The Testosterone Myth Book

A comprehensive and easy to understand and apply guide, created by Dr Ani, an award winning author, hormone coach and the acclaimed Testosterone expert with more than 18 years of experience gained through working in the pharmaceutical industry. A pharmaceutical scientist with a PhD in the same topic.


The testosterone report

An easy to understand and easy to apply guide to boost testosterone, regain energy and experience an amazing love life.

ThE 5-TIP VIDEO on how to balance testosterone naturally...

5 powerful steps you must discover, apply and live by to ensure you are helping your body balance the hormones naturally while aging.

the great testosterone myth book ...

An unbiased book that explains testosterone imbalances in a clear and concise way to help men overcome the problems that are no doubt plaguing living a good life.

AN informed man is a man who takes his power back...

An easy to understand, easy to apply guide toward a better life.

One report... Five Steps... An award winning Book...And THE WILL to do it

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• The Testosterone Report,

The 5-Step Video to boost testosterone naturally

The Testosterone Myth Book

Ani’s good nature enthusiasm, dedication to detail and the ability to write simply and clearly. His years of experience in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry, his publication history in peer reviewed scientific journals and text books, his contributions to professional and community service and his hobbies of writing and acting will serve him well in producing an unbiased, factual, readable and useful addition to the literature on testosterone.

Roger L. Schnaare,
Ph.D , Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy.

This is a good one stop read to understand a lot of concepts about testosterone. This book gives us in depth technical aspects which we would not know otherwise. It is evident, that the author has done a lot of research to provide us a wealth of knowledge and my favorite section is natural ways to boost testosterone which any one can follow just with good healthy diet.

Sachin p.

More muscle strength, Amazing love life, Great Energy every single day...

A confident man lives a gorgeous life.

Waiting more to Boost Testosterone , or doing nothing About it, will rob Men From living an outstanding life.

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The Testosterone Report

The 5-Step Video to boost your testosterone

The Testosterone Myth Book

Will I really see results within 30 days?

Absolutely. As soon as people make some simple lifestyle changes that they will learn in this course, they start to feel more energy and more vitality. And getting started in the first step.

Can’t I just get all this information from the Internet?

Sure, people could spend hours and hours trying to find all this information online, but they will never find the exact formula, a step-by-step process for it. Besides, there is a lot of misleading information out there. But having worked in the pharmaceutical sciences field for 25 years has given me the ability to separate good information from junk. Honestly some of the people who are proclaiming to be experts are wrong and the information they are providing can be dangerous.

I’m 64… will The Testosterone Solution still work for me?

Of course! The Testosterone Solution is designed to help MEN regardless of age. Although statistics say that T-levels will drop gradually each year after age 30, men can gain huge benefit from following the program at ANY age. Just by making a few simple lifestyle changes, people will see immediate effects.

I don’t work an office job and I’m pretty healthy. Can The Testosterone Solution still make a difference?

In this course we focus on making simple changes and give men the exact steps to take to increase testosterone levels without medication. Now my question is What are men waiting for? If you are over 30 and have been struggling with low testosterone, If men choose not to solve this issue, other problems could arise in the future.

Find out what I do and what MEN do when low-testosterone IS AN ISSUE.

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The Testosterone Report.

The 5-Step Video to boost testosterone

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